Chick-Chix Express is a recently founded company to serve a purpose in the African fast food industry. A young entrepreneur born from a small farm town “Intabazwe” township with the aim of offering high quality grilled chicken products that are on par with the international standards and other big brands. The company has been founded in 2017 by Mr. Thabiso Moloi, who is a firm believer in self-initiated entrepreneurship. He has passion for good food and has been in the food business for more than 15 years.

Chicky-Chix Express is created to embrace African spicy flavors, culture, and the “Kasi” lifestyle through food.

All other big brands within the fast food industry have their ethnic stories to tell and these are shared with the world. Chicky-Chix Express is a brand that embraces and aims to tell our own African colorful stories to the world. A true African “township” brand that focus on authentic ‘African’ taste.

The name “Chicky-Chix”  simply means“Awesome chicken

“Awesome chicken”

What we do

Chicky-Chix Express is a home of flames grilled chicken embracing “township” flavors and lifestyle. We bring quality food and flavors’ originating from our own Mzansi, inspired by our own stories and origin. We are a proud fast food brand born from African township, with an understanding of the township pallet and needs.

Chicky-Chix Express is a well-supported flamed grilled chicken fast food franchise brand. Our menu is developed with a clear understanding of African flavors and preferences. We are a brand that creates and cherish food memories. We do not only serve amazing, tantalizing and mouthwatering quality food, but we provide an eating experience.

Chicky-Chix Franchise

Our Business Model

We franchise our operation and impose very tight controls over franchise stores and suppliers, but without limiting growth. Franchisees can range in size from individuals owning just one store to large companies or co-ops wishing to own multiple units. The company’s most important role is to maintain consistency of standards. This will be done by continually investing in central distribution kitchens, food testing and training centers in all major areas where we have a large foot print.

The franchise program of the Company is designed to assure consistency and quality, and the Company is selective in granting franchises.

Under our standard franchise agreements, franchisees supply capital – initially by paying a franchise fee to Chicky-Chix Express Head Office,

purchasing or leasing the land on which the store will be placed, and paying for the

equipment and signs, seating, inventories and supplies and, over the longer term, by reinvesting in the business.

Franchisees are expected to contribute to the Company’s revenues through the payment of royalties based on a percentage of sales. The company also exerts a lot of control over site selection, site control and marketing.

Chicky-Chix Coop


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